The verges of Montreal Park were originally planted with Cherry trees which gave spectacular spring and autumn colour. Sadly, this generation of trees has been dying off and the task of replacing them is considerable. Our solution is a more mixed planting programme with deciduous trees of different longevity that are as glorious, colourful and interesting as possible.

Responsibility for the maintenance of our trees lies with the Highways Department but they don’t have a budget for replacement. So it’s down to us.

We can’t replace every dead tree as some were originally planted in unsuitable locations. Our aim is to give an overall impression of tree cover and pleasure to us all.

Verge trees have to be robust, contending with drought, poor soil, honey fungus, vandalism and, not least, strimmers. New trees are being planted with protective cages, watering pipes and firmly staked.

A sensible replacement programme is essential as well over 30 trees have been lost since 2012 alone. Around 53 new trees will have been planted by the end of 2016. We have been able to do this not only from annual resident subscriptions but also by securing one-off Council funding. Some residents have also offered to fund trees in the vicinity of their homes.

From this year onwards, we will be planting only about six trees a year because of future cost constraints – each one costs as much as £250.

Your support as members of MPRA and in watering young trees in times of drought is much appreciated. Please do try to avoid the temptation to strim right up to the trunk. It causes damage.