You are now able to purchase Property Marking Kits from your

West Kent Neighbourhood Watch Association.


Each Property Marking Kit contains its own unique marking adhesive, along with property and window stickers. The adhesive turns clear once applied, and shows up under UV light. The adhesive contains “microdots”, which contains your own unique registration code.

Once you have marked your property, the items are registered to your address, and placed onto a secure database. Therefore if anything that has been marked is ever stolen, it can be easily linked back to you.


You are able to mark up to 50 items from around the home, including televisions, mobile phones, tools, garden furniture, sat nav’s, and much more.


Marking your property in this way can help to prevent crimes, by acting as a deterrent to any would-be offender. The property-marking adhesive is quick and easy to use, and does not have a detrimental effect on the marked products.




For more information, please contact your local PCSO or Neighbourhood PC.

To order a kit (for £20), please call Suzanne Daniell on 01732 379 373.