About Montreal Park Resident’s Association:

What is the Montreal Park Resident’s Association?

The MPRA is a voluntary organisation set up to:


How many houses are there on the Montreal Park estate?

Marlborough Crescent has 146 households, Lyndhurst Drive 60 and The Close 18, i.e. 224 houses in total.


Where and what is the Obelisk?

The Obelisk stands in the garden of No. 81 Marlborough Crescent and was erected by Lord Jeffrey Amherst in 1764 to commemorate the reunion of the three Amherst brothers after returning from the Canadian Campaigns. Find out more: History.


Why is there so much fuss about the low ragstone walls?

The walls were built from the stone from the original Montreal House when it was demolished so it has an historic connection to the entire estate as well connecting us as a community. It is also recognised that some of the stone originally came from a hospital that superseded a wayside shrine dedicated to St John the Baptist that at one time stood in the area of what is now Bat and Ball crossroads. In any event our walls are of Kentish ragstone which is rare these days and difficult to source. They are an integral feature in the character of the estate along with the wide verges and the trees and the undulating landscape. They have a history. It would be a shame to lose this character and its history so please maintain, protect and preserve your low stone walls.


What should I do if Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed appears in my garden?

Invasive, non-native plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed may be in our local area.  All are difficult to eradicate and may require specialist treatment to ensure success. Homeowners are obliged to remove these plants and failure to do so can result in the council enforcing their removal. Further details about the plants and the potential danger to property which could result from a decision to ignore them are available on the Royal Horticultural Society website. If you think you may have any of these please seek appropriate advice. 


Campaign to Protect Rural England – MPRA membership. Are any benefits available to our members?

YES. Reduced price entry to over 200 houses and gardens across England is available on showing our CPRE membership card. This normally gives half-price or two-for-the-price-of-one entry. Our Treasurer (Richard Clout, 145 Marlborough Crescent) retains our CPRE membership card, which is available for use by MPRA members on request (for subsequent return to him).

Go to http://www.cpre.org.uk/ and click on the “Join Us” link to view Membership Benefits


Can I claim a reduction in wastewater drainage charges?

Almost certainly.

Most (if not all) properties on the Montreal Park estate use soak-aways for the drainage of surface water. Thames Water provides the water drainage service and, unless you have actually claimed a reduction, a charge will be levied for surface water drainage. Properties on Montreal Park should therefore normally be eligible for a reduction of about £18 per annum. This reduction applies irrespective of whether you have a water meter.

If you think you may be eligible for this reduction then ring Thames Water on 0845 9200 887 or 01793 366011 in order to claim an abatement. If you are unsure then inspect your Thames Water bill under the heading “How we work out your bill”, which will include a clear statement if you are not being billed for surface water.


How do I report a faulty street-light?

Riverhead Parish Council is responsible for the lights in Montreal Park. Faulty lights should be reported to the Parish Clerk on 01732 461278 or via riverheadparish@tiscali.co.uk. You can also contact the Clerk via the web-site at www.riverheadpc.kentparishes.gov.uk. Please give the number stencilled on the lamp post  (rather than the house number) if possible.  Surveys, repairs and maintenance are carried out by EDF.

To clarify the responsibilities for street-lights, RPC is responsible for the lights in all the minor roads in the Parish but KCC (Kent Highways) is responsible for those on the A224 and A25. Sevenoaks District Council has no involvement.


How do I report potholes and other highway faults?

Kent Highway Services, which is part of Kent County Council, is responsible for most of the roads in Kent except motorways and some major ‘A’ roads, which are the responsibility of the Highways Agency. Individuals are encouraged to report to Kent Highways any problems relating to potholes, pavements, drains, etc. Reporting can be done via the link to Kent Highways or by telephoning 08458 247 800 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).



Has MPRA ever considered CCTV?

The Committee undertook a detailed investigation of the available options for the introduction of CCTV. This has included trials at the entrance to Montreal Park during day and night-time to assess the performance that can be achieved in respect of recognition of people and identifying car registration numbers. Overall the performance was disappointing in respect of people and car number plate recognition and it was very costly. It was decided that alternative security measures were more realistic such as Selectamark DNA. (Go the Neighbour Watch page for more information).



When can I light a bonfire?

As there are no bylaws concerning this matter, we ask you to have consideration for your neighbours when choosing to light your bonfire. However, it is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to cause a nuisance by burning rubbish. Go to Sevenoaks District Council (Bonfires) for some guidelines.


Hedge Trimming:

How should I cut my hedge if it adjoins a public highway or footpath?

The following useful websites provide useful guidance:

Wokingham Borough Council - Overgrowing vegetation, and